1. Part 1/6, the Blue tab. my thumbnails are so sketchy it’s obnoxious.

  2. b r e a k f r e e

  3. seeing this happy couple with the ring I painted just MADE MY DAY. <3

  4. another installment in the friend collab portrait series (:

  5. flashback to last week’s collab portraits: YeyoxBPARSH

  6. give a hoot, dammit!

  7. LUCYxBPARSH part 2

  8. LUCYxBPARSH part 1

  9. sketchbooks on sketchbooks on sketchbooks. one can never have too many!

  11. pages are filling. stories unleashing.

  12. BereketxBPARSH from last night’s portrait collab sesh

  14. it’s safe to say that last night got weird

  15. DustinxBPARSH